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Jan 092012

Luthier Services:


Re-String-Free Re-String with any other repair. Only the cost of strings will apply.


Truss Adjust – Straighten Fingerboard/Correct Relief.


Install Strap Button –Per your requirements.


Machine Head Adjustment – Adjust Tension on Tuning Machines & Lubricate Gears (If Necessary).


Action Adjustment – Acoustic/Electric – Set String Height At Nut & Saddle.


Intonation Adjustment – Acoustic/Electric/Archtop – Set String Length At Nut & Saddle.


Tremolo Adjustment – Adjust Tension – Balance Tremolo Left to Right & Front to Back.


Compound Finish – Compound, Buff & Polish Finish.


Complete Setup – Complete Setup Includes Re-String, Fret Buff, Truss Adjust, Intonation and Action Adjust, Fingerboard Treatment, Machine Head Adjust and Lubrication, Tremolo Adjustment, Replacement of Springs (if necessary), Spray Electronics,


Replace Pickguard – (Stock) Replace & Finish Top Wood (If Necessary).


Saddle Work

Replace With Bone & Blank

Replace Compensating Saddle (Bone)

Fill & Re-Cut Saddle Slot


Nut Work

Replace With Bone Blank – 6 string/12 string.

Replace With Brass

Fill & Re-Cut Nut Slots


Install Violin, Viola, Cello nut – Octave nut

Bridge Work

Bridge Replacement – as required all Stringed instruments


Custom Bridge – Acoustic / Archtop.


Re-Size/Re-shape Bridge – Shave Down Bridge On Acoustic Guitars To Allow Correct String Tension/Angle And Correct Action That Is Too High (alternative to neck reset on some guitars).


Re-Glue Bridge – Includes Sanding Under Bridge & Adding Wood (If Necessary).


Bridge Cracks – Seal Cracks In Bridge W/ Epoxy/Wood Filler/Or Wood.


Bridge Pad/Plate Replacement – Acoustic Guitars.


Worn Pin Holes/Plate Repair – Re-Route Bridge Pin Holes on Bridge & Bridge Pad.


Fingerboard & Frets

Heat Treatment/Stress Neck – Straighten Neck With No Truss Rod or When Truss Rod Is Too Tight To Move.

Plane Fingerboard – Square Up Fingerboard.

Replace Fingerboard – Remove Old Fingerboard & Replace – With or W/O Binding.

Re-Crown – Re-Round Top of Frets – Buff/Polish & Clean Fingerboard.

Fret Ends – File Fret Overhang.

Complete Fret Job – Level/Mill/Set Radius/Re-Crown & Dress Frets.

Fret Reset/Partial Re-Fret – Priced Per Fret – With or W/O Binding.

Complete Re-Fret – Pull Frets/Install New Frets/Includes Complete Fret Job & Fingerboard Repairs- With or W/O Binding.



All Arch Tops Require Minimum Bench Fee $45

Pickup Replacement

Replace Potentiometer

Replace Selector Switch

Run Tailpiece Ground On Solid Body

Install Mini Toggle Or Push/Pull Pot

Install Output Jack

Install Pre-amp (Pre-amp Not Included).

Complete Rewire – Standard Wiring & Custom Wiring.

Hum & Electrostatic Shielding

Spray Electronics – Clean & Lube Noisy Pots.

Transducer Installation – All types and brands-Saddle Type – Microphone (Miniflex) – Soundhole W/ Endpin Jack.


Structural Repairs

Machine Head Replacement -Replace Tuning Machines, Fill Old Screw Holes & Re-Route Tuning Peg Holes.

Broken Peg Head – With or W/O Finish.

Neck Reset – Correct Angle of Neck – With or W/O Binding.

New Neck – Replace Old Neck With Factory Part.

Flatten Top – With or W/O New Plate – Bridge Removal – Required.

Braces Re-Glued

Replace Brace



On most instruments, quoted based on severity of damage.


Nov 272011

Bridge Repair

Brightwood Music offers several specialty services including repairs and custom work.

Please contact us directly to discuss all options!


Nov 272011

Lessons for students of any age and ability

Music lessons

Band Instrument music lessons – all brass and woodwinds. Private or small group lessons in downtown Nederland. Former band director with degree in Music Education. Tutoring to help students keep up in band or coaching for adults learning for the first time. Call Serene at 303-545-2126.

Jon (Blackdog) Ridnell, Music Theory, Guitars, Bass, Ukulele, Performance. Local legend and experienced teacher for all levels.  Jon’s success with local students is remarkable, at all ages.  Available Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Andrew Conley, our teacher for modern Cello and mandolin lessons! Andrew brings a unique and passionate style to the cello!  He is available for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.  Andrew teaches a variety of fluid and unique techniques.
Curly Collins, Upright Bass, Mandolin, Fiddle. Curly plays with the local band Caribou Mountain Collective. Available by apointment.
Ben Berry, Bass, available by appointment.
Phil Beckett, Guitar, all levels and styles, available by appointment.
Miles Ridnell is available for upright and electric bass lessons,  Miles is an especially fun teacher for  the younger bassist.  He is currently playing in the Nederland area in a variety of styles.
Kate Jaworski, Voice, Beginner Piano. Students of all ages welcome. Kate is committed to helping students develop skills and passion for their instrument. She is an amazing teacher for the younger vocalist!  Available Mondays.
Maus Nomdeguerre, Brasswinds. Beginner to advanced. Specializes in Saxaphone, but all brasswinds available. Available  by appointment.
Lise Friisbaastad, Flute & Piccolo. Available by appointment.
Doug Armitage, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Music theory, Beginner to advanced. Available Tuesdays through Saturdays.
Sal Clark, Clawhammer and introductory Scruggs style Banjo, available by appointment.
Stuart Drury,  beginner and intermediate piano lessons. Available Tuesdays.
Lessons can be scheduled by calling 303-258-8863 or calling individual instructors. Brightwood Music, Music with Altitude!

All above instructors teach at Brightwood Music and lessons can be scheduled by calling 303-258-8863.

Brightwood Music, Music with Altitude!

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